Veteran’s Day

Before you go into complete shock
2 Posts in One Day
I know *gasp*
It seemed extremely necessary to take a moment on this day 11th of November to give Thanks.
To each and every one of the members of our Military.
America is the home of the Free. because of the Brave.
What we owe you, we could never repay. We are just so very grateful.
Freedom isn’t free. But it is your courage that makes it possible.
Your bravery and unselfish acts daily to protect our country are the ultimate sacrifice. 
To all of the servicemen and women, Thank you. 
I feel blessed to know so many who have served in our family. 
I am so proud of my Dad,
Army, MP
both Grandpas, 

John (not pictured), Navy

Great Uncles,
Otto & Fred WWI
Melvin, WWII 
Walt, Korean War
Father in law (not pictured), 
many uncles and aunts 
Jeff, US Navy
Karen, US Airforce 
Doug, US Airforce
and so many more of our family members
who all put their lives on the line for our beautiful country. Thank you to you all!

Prayers for those who are currently serving. 
Even more for those lost.
Today is for you all. 
My hope is that you all always feel the love and gratitude our country has for you!
Thank you.
Here’s to Veteran’s Day!

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