let the Party Planning begin… Lego Invitations

Yep… the countdown is on.
Little Man is turning one in oh only…. 26 Days!!
So that means I’m in full on planning mode!
Of course that also means CRAFTING {insert big smile along with heavy sigh from hubs haha}
I have started a few lists of birthday party ideas. Everything from foods, to decorations, to games & guest list. I’m getting excited to put all of the pieces together. First I need to find a few things!
This week I busted out the colored card stock and got working on invitations.
I mean with less than a month to go… people need to be notified right!
Naturally, I was all over it. A little Pinterest inspiration and the LEGO idea is manifesting.
Luckily I have a crazy amount of card stock in my craft closet
(thanks grandma & Michaels paper sales!)
I had just the right colors to fit our LEGO theme.

Here’s how I made them:
(mom stop reading so when you get yours in the mail it’s a surprise haha)

-First, cut all 8×11 papers in half.
-Then set aside half of stack and fold all others in half like a greeting card.
-Next mark our 1.5 inch sections on paper (not the card ones) fold like an accordion and cut out circles.
-Repeat until you have 6 circles for each card. (I made 6 cards so that meant 90 circles) *note I still have more to make so I continued cutting all my paper into circles to use later*
-Use a sharpie to write LEGO on each circle


 I definitely got better as I went along.

 -Next use adhesive to stick dots onto cards.
-I used a type of double stick tape. In hindsight I would have just gone and purchased the glue dots so that my dots were raised slightly, but hey I used what I had. {guess I’ll be buying those when I make the banner huh}
Here’s how they turned out —> please ignore the terrible lighting in our office currently.

Once they were assembled it was time to insert the party details!

That’s the easy part, I just typed up what I wanted to tell party guests in Pages (yes I use a Mac).
Changed the font to look LEGO-ish
And printed them in the perfect size for my cards. 
Then I trimmed them and stuck them inside with the same adhesive.
I used plain white envelopes I already had and managed to get them mailed today!!
Woo Hoo!

 It was pretty simple and overall I’m happy how they turned out!
Next up I need to order some of these and these,  make a birthday banner and plan some good games for all ages. Possible jello shots in these shapes??? 1st Birthday Parties are for the adults anyways right?
No matter what it’s gonna be lots of fun for all ages 🙂

Oh & if you know any crazy good, but not too expensive kid photographers in the North Phoenix area please let me know! I need to find one like yesterday!
Oh that will have to wait until tomorrow…

Have a fantastic night everyone!!

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