Waiting on Christmas

For 2 weeks now, I’ve wanted nothing more than to go CHRISTMAS CRAZY around here…. I keep humming christmas carols, all of our christmas boxes are sitting in the front room just begging me to open the cheer and spread it everywhere. But I must wait just one more week. Trust me it’s killing me. And all of these Instagram lit up trees are not helping my cause. My husband is helping though, he enforces the no Christmas until after Thanksgiving rule. Doesn’t want the poor turkey to be cheated.
But why must I wait longer you ask?
It’s plain and simple. Our sons birthday. 
Last year around this time I was hoping and praying he would come early and magically pop out in November. I ate so much on Thanksgiving pretty sure I was trying to force him out {that one didn’t work}. I desperately didn’t want his special day to be overshadowed by the Christmas holiday. Now I’ve come to terms with it and accept that both of these little miracles can share the month. When I was struggling with this sharing the month thing I realized that it’s only because I want him to feel super special on his day and I don’t ever want to get in the habit of here is your combined birthday/christmas present. I mean every kid should be spoiled on their birthday and from Santa. That being said, I made myself a promise that we would start the tradition to wait on the tree until after his birthday. Trust me it’s going up the morning of December 8th if I have it my way haha. 
So as all of you put up your cheer this week, I will smile and decorate my house for a crazy lego themed first birthday instead! 
This doesn’t mean I can’t infuse just a little holiday cheer around our home though… snowmen, holiday scents & lights on the windows might have made their appearance today. It’s just the tree. Everyone knows a good Christmas tree really makes it all come together!
Here’s to waiting on Christmas. For a very good cause!
Have a great Saturday friends!! I hope you all are decorating for me 🙂

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