It’s Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!!
It feels a little strange this year… I’m not frantically cooking & prepping a big meal, we didn’t travel anywhere, and I’m certainly not 8 1/2 months pregnant this year. 
Instead it is new & different this Thanksgiving. & I feel like there is so very much to be thankful for.
Our house has sprinkles of fall cheer, we are excitedly planning the little guys 1st birthday party and I’ve prepped a side dish to take over to my in-laws tomorrow for Turkey dinner {yep… I get to write in-laws now *happy dance*}. Our first Holiday season as a married couple is in full swing!! Sure we’ve been together almost 5 years but it all seems a little more exciting as Mr. & Mrs.
With so much happening I know this next month is going to fly by… it’s nice that we’ve been so lucky to be able to sit back and enjoy the little moments. And I can’t say how happy it makes my heart that we get so much time with our baby boy. We are truly blessed to have been able to spend this entire first year of his life as “stay at home” parents. To be there for all of his milestones big & small is so Amazing! I am more than Thankful for everything he has brought into our lives. 
Cash you are the sunshine in our day, you are our everything little man. Keep smiling baby!
On this eve of Thanksgiving I find my heart so full I can hardly stand it.
Our family is so blessed, even through the tough times. 
I just want to say Thank you.
Mom & Dad, we definitely miss you guys this year. But in just one week you will be here for the big celebration & we will have 4 dinners to more than make up for the holiday missed. Plus, 2 weeks later we are excited to be able to join you guys {and the grandparents} for Christmas this year. How fun will it be to watch your grandson tear into & most likely eat all the wrapping paper 🙂 
I hope all of you are able to be with your loved ones tomorrow. 
Near or far they are thinking of you!
have a wonderful evening & a very

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