Thankful Thursday

It’s smack in the middle of the holiday season.

2 days before our little guys birthday 
hours before my parents arrive today.
You could say life is busy.
Added bonus, Brad’s best friend flew in last night and surprised me. So happy that Uncle Bird will be here for Cash’s 1st Birthday! Plus he’s awesome and helpful (both entertaining the boys & helping me!)
I have been a little up & down lately. I could blame a lot of things… work, missing workouts, how quick a single year has gone by, the bills that never seem to stop, family getting older/being so far away/their troubles, my birth control (ha). Or, Maybe it’s just the roller coaster we like to call life. 
Whatever it is, I do know that I have so much to be ever grateful for.
God, my husband, my son. 
my parents, the whole rest of my family & newly acquired in-laws. 
our health. our home. the food on our table daily. our cars. 
our jobs (no matter how much they can suck at least we still have them). 
Shoot my list could go on for awhile.
Sure the month of November, namely: Thanksgiving, is the time of year when we tend to really think about these things and focus on what we are thankful for. 
But honestly we should take a little time every week, every day even, to just be happy and thankful.
 I mean, you woke up today! That is a bonus all in itself!
In the spirit of this I would like you all to just take a minute, a deep breath, and give thanks.
You only get one life so why not live it happy, spreading love and gratitude. 
Today… be happy. Tomorrow is not promised.
you have a great day!

Sending Love and Thanks into the universe!


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