Cash- 1 Year Old

Well the day has come. 
{insert sobs} {and smiles}

Cash Stephen,

 you are officially 1 year old. 
Mama & Daddy couldn’t be more excited to celebrate your birthday today.
The emotions I am feeling are crazy. i feel so very blessed to have been able to spend this first year at home with you little man. to experience every up, down and in between. every first smile, cry, tooth, roll over, sit up, crawl, step and soo much more! you have been a complete joy from the very moment you entered our life. Your happy go-lucky demeanor brightens up the entire room around you. the innocent way that you explore, learn and sometimes just plain stare at us makes me feel so child-like all over again. i love how we get to see the world through your eyes, re-discovering all of the wonders that this big world has to offer. your chubby legs, cheeks, feet, hands and belly just beg for kisses, tickles and cuddling. thank you for being such a sweet loving boy. we are so lucky to be your parents. and we cannot wait to teach you more. the love we have for you is unlike any other. there is no greater feeling in this world. our hope is that you always know that no matter what sweet baby, we are behind you one hundred percent. we will support you, guide you, cheer for you and always love you above and beyond, more than anything. to the moon and back. you mean everything to us.
Happy Birthday little man.

I am so excited it feels better than my very own birthday.
Today we will celebrate our baby all day long (honestly all weekend).
Hard to believe that exactly one year ago I had been laboring in the hospital all night and finally you arrived at 11:42am. It was all worth it!!

Happy Birthday to you sweet baby!

Today is going to be a wonderful day!


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