Cash’s Lego Themed First Birthday- The Full Photo Recap

I know, I know this post is long overdue.
But I was kinda waiting on a video and I was just a little lazy busy this past week.
First off, we have some seriously amazing friends and family. 
I can’t begin to thank everyone who came to celebrate with us 
& especially our parents for all of their help with the party prep!!
In the days leading up to last Saturday I did my best to craft/bake/buy as many details as possible so that we (meaning me) wouldn’t be going to crazy the day before. 
Of course I’m sure my husband would say I still went a little nutso
{Hey,it’s not my fault… thanks mom for the “must throw and Amazing party” gene} 🙂
This caused me to “need” the Lego Theme to shine bright! 
Pretty sure I accomplished that… let me know what you think…
{if you follow on intsagram then you probably got a little sneak peak already!!}

We had to kick off the morning of his birthday with a little donuts and candle practice
Cash was not amused…

 he really just wanted to eat

Then it was time for Cash to nap and the rest of us to kick it into gear, more decorations & food prep!

 All of the little details were so very worth it!!
I had too much fun! And I think all of the party go-ers did too!
Lots of food, coloring, the pinata, presents, more toys, and cake!

 the pinata got just a little crazy! Check out my next post for the video of the mishap! 

 hugs for Donatello
he spotted the car and took it for a drive!

 This is only a few of them… but we were so grateful that so many of our friends could make it!

After all of that fun… we had even more.
Playing with all of his toys
 then it turned into tattoos & beer pong
 what your first birthday didn’t end like this???
All in All it was a wonderful day! 
I can’t say how thankful we are for all of the wonderful people in our life!
Hope you all are having a great weekend! {we’re still recovering from the last one over here…}

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