Remember: Only Love Today

Well I sat down tonight… all ready to recap our weekend and all of the birthday festivities. 
Of course before I started to type and add in a few hundred photos, I had to scan through my blog feed and see all of the new posts written. Truthfully, we’ve been recovering from our weekend so computer time was pushed to the back burner. Which only sucked me in further {so many posts to catch up on reading, these girls are good}.  Now here we are, 45 minutes later, tears slipping out the corners of my eyes and I am completely turned around. I’m talking, pushed my whole thought process off the tracks… 
So sorry for all of you anxiously awaiting the party post {maybe tomorrow}. Through one of my favorite bloggers Danielle, I found this woman’s words… I must say this article hits a spot. I’m fairly certain that each and every one of us can take something away from it. Sure it’s not right where I’m at in my parenting stage, it’s not even accurate to my childhood, but it resonated with me. 
And as with so many parenting articles I will be sure to take something away from it. Her words most definitely inspired me to think about my parenting in the future and to think about how I treat myself. 
I encourage each of you to read it!
And when the negative shows itself, take a minute to “stop” as she says and remind yourself… 
Only Love Today, Only Love Today.
Have a wonderful evening! {or Thursday}
See you tomorrow!

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