I should be packing

but I needed a few minutes to vent. or just organize my thoughts/stresses/to-dos/worries.

…. we leave in less than 12 hours.
…. pretty sure i’m addicted to sugar cookies. i can’t stop eating them

sugar coma. ugh.

…. i still need to pack, finish laundry, clean the kitchen and sleep at some point.
                                      eh this is only a typical me minor problem really.
                   instead i picked playing with Cashman and now blogging
                                           {if you’re not procrastinating you’re not trying right}

 he wasn’t impressed with the hats

the real question(s)
  are we ready to freeze? 
how is Cash gonna be flying this time? will we actually pull off Christmas present shopping last minute? is there any chance this will be a relaxing trip to Washington?
I guess we will find out! 

Christmas is only 1 week away… So much left to do & so much excitement! 
Good thing our tree is decorated.
 my nails are done.
and Cash is in appropriately festive clothes!
Honestly, I wish I was able to work this weekend ($$ would be helpful at this point).
My holiday happy has been slightly tarnished this year. but I’m pushing past it. 
I’m grateful for the ability to spend the holiday with our parents and my grandparents. 
Cash deserves as much family as he can stand! (wish us luck trying to see everyone yeah right)
Here’s to hoping we get to relax a little and we pull it all off. 
Even if we don’t… 
Little man is all ready for the fun!
With that face we can’t help but be cheerful around here!!!
I am going to really try to post while traveling. shoot we’re also gonna try to do insanity.
wish us luck 🙂
happy travels on your thursday.
Have a wonderful day friends!

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