Winter Wonderland

Well, I left my computer in Arixona so this is my first official mobile post of our Christmas vacation. 
We’ve made it safely…only a little crazy on the plane ride. Lil turkey refused sleep and sitting still. We managed to feed him for the first hour and a half until he was so stuffed that he crashed. Of course since we finally got him to sleep the entire plane woke up. You’d think we were at a fair with all the laughter and loud noises that started the minute his eyes shut and little body relaxed into dreamland. Sure enough, after less than 30 minutes he was back in action. So with a little over an hour left to kill we resorted to more food, isle walks, diaper changes, phone games, and bothering the nice lady next to us. 
Good thing she didn’t seem to mind huh.
(Gotta love those grandmas everywhere!)
After a little more airport madness we made to Brads parents home in Gig Harbor. GranWen stayed with Cashman so we could go to the local Tides Tavern for our favorite seafood (Washington has strick liquor laws when it comes to kids in bars). The little one was put to bed & we went to catch a movie! Gotta love being able to have a date on your first night of vacation! Anchorman 2 was pretty darn funny! If you think the first one was a classic (as we did) you’ll love the second. Mandatory movie candy

All in all it was a great day. Filled with lots of family fun!!

We woke this morning to some gorgeous pnw SNOW…
And a visit from our friend the eagle
It’s melting now. But I’m hoping some of it sticks around for our tree cutting adventure this afternoon! 
Happy Friday Friends! 
Until next time…

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