at home haircuts

yep you read that correctly. we’re doing haircuts at home now.
well not all of us. lets be serious this girl is in desperate need of a little salon time.
fingers crossed i can get in before Hawaii! 
(Have I mentioned that is only 12 days away!!) 
so back this up… on thursday we (I) may have had a crazy whim to give Cash his first full haircut. And my equally crazy hubby went right along with it. *Mind you back on Thanksgiving GranWen & I did trim his bangs {don’t worry mom I saved hair then}. But this was full on clippers to the whole head.

Thursday morning. Before my bright idea.

Daddy was already in the bathroom with the clippers out and I said “lets cut Cash’s hair”.
His response… really? ok! {insert nervous laughs and smiles from both of us}
So we stripped down and hopped in the bath tub. Daddy chose a 4” guard so it wouldn’t be too short.
It was a hilarious/scary/hair everywhere adventure. Cash was so confused with what was going on & I’m pretty sure I held my breath for the first swipe. So much hair fell to the ground, Brad just grinned at my wide eyes. Lil man squirmed until he could see himself in the mirror and then it was pure intrigue all over his face. Needless to say, we had a blast. As the clippers passed over his head over and over my stomach tightened to see the “baby” fall away even more. I just kept telling myself it was time.

the aftermath…

so shocking

Pretty sure I was still in shock in this picture. We had to throw him in the shower afterwards. Since little hairs covered his whole body and he kept itching. (we’ll get better at the hair control. right.)

 I went to work shortly after and of course was there extra late.
Friday morning was a small shock for mommy all over again when I went in to get him out of bed.

 Still getting used to it but he looks so much like daddy to me now!
I just love it!!

 Guess this means our “baby” is really a little boy now. *tear*
Good thing he’s always gonna be my baby!!!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!
Be back soon!

p.s. big win for the Hawks today! My nerves for next weekend have already started. I’m hoping for a much better showing from the offense next week but more on that later. Go Hawks! #12thMan 

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