Sunday Snapshots {of our week}

It’s after midnight. I can’t sleep… second night in a row…
what else is one to do with a husband out of town and no shows recorded on the dvr?? 
Why blog of course! 
It’s been one interesting week/end.

We might still be hanging out in Santa clothes/pjs.

don’t judge us.

I can’t wait to share my adventures with our tile floor (tomorrow, hopefully). HA!

Somehow I’ve managed to work this past week more than I have in the last 3 {easily said as we were our of town for one of those} but seriously, I’ve worked A Lot! Which equals selfies!!
*don’t worry I was completely stopped for this one*

I’ve managed to re-write my to-do list for the weekend about 4 times, yet only seemed to cross off 3.5 of the billion ok ok 25+, things I wanted to accomplish. 
That’s what tomorrow is for right… Or maybe they’ll wait til next weekend.

We’ve got a BREAD lover in Cash these days. Just like mommy & daddy 
We went to Outback with Grandpa & GranWen on Thursday night,
 he loved when Grandpa handed him the end of the loaf 🙂

Lately he’s been getting a little picky, but never when it comes to bread. {I’ve been working on a meals post to show what he’s been devouring & throwing off the tray lately}

We did manage more walks during this week…. and found lots of beauty in our neighborhood

Cash is Insanity OBSESSED we can’t get enough of his excitement when we do it! One of these time’s I’ll catch his jogging on video. But here he is with a little cool down stretching.

I am obsessed with this new dry shampoo that I found!! It’s only $6.29 at Walgreens! It’s such a great deal that I can use as much as I want. The best part is it doesn’t leave behind that white residue that so many others do (or is that just me cause I used to use baby powder in high school).
Cash & I had a breakfast date this morning at the Cracker Barrel.

It was so much fun! He is the cutest kid ever {don’t mind my bias}. But seriously his pure love of food and all people just makes me happy! It’s the funniest thing to see him people watch until someone looks at him and then he gives them the biggest grin. It’s like he just knows when someone is having a down day, his little face screams “hey look at me I’ll brighten your day with my huge smile.”

 he can’t even look at the camera he’s so stuck on all the people! 🙂


sleepy boy, he doesn’t want to miss a thing.

 the food was just soo good! he tried everything. little eating machine!

My house is a dusty disaster… Anyone feeling the urge to deep clean?? 
Please come over! I will pay you in delicious foods… I take requests!
Currently looking at this recipe of deliciousness to try out.
And possible this one for the game tomorrow.
We have quite the dare devil lately.
No fear this one!!

I have found my motto for the year 2014.
Thanks to a cute little Etsy shop called Pearls & Pastries

I will also be learning to crochet this year!
I have big plans of things to make and 
for something to busy my hands while relaxing so that I can unplug from the phone more… 
i think getting all of these random thoughts down just may have cured my inability to sleep tonight.
Thanks for that! 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with whomever you wanted to spend it with!
Sweet dreams. or even. Good Monday Morning.

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