13 Months

Can’t believe how life zooms right by us. But here we are, another month has past.
I realized recently that somehow in the crazy of Cash turning One and the holiday blur, I missed posting all of his ‘stats’. I mean that’s a big milestone to miss… darn it!
So here’s to a new year and continuing the monthly updates. A little shorter & sweeter.
Still full of lots of Mom bias (don’t panic) 🙂
Cash is Amazing! I mean c’mon…

On the 7th we hit the big 13 Months!!!

Over this next year I’m sure I’ll keep on “month counting”. I know to some {those without kids} it drives them bonkers, but shoot only 11 more months & I’ll stop saying my kids age in months I promise. haha. There is a method to the months though… First off, clothes are marked in months. Second, I  want to count every second of every year as my little baby turns into a little boy.
So here it is… our first monthly update of 2014.

AGE: 13 months (and 1 week)
CLOTHES: 18 month clothing. some of the pants are a little long depending on the brand.
NICKNAMES: Bubba. Bobber. Cash Stephen. (when he’s misbehaving so never right, ha)
FAVORITE FOODS: everything! i mean really he loves food. right now it’s fish, green beans, eggs and breads. just tasted peanut butter last week and he’s a fan.
FAVORITE WORDS: da-da still takes the lead. but he also says “whass-aaa” (what’s that, when he points). woof woof “wuf-wuf” when he sees a picture of a dog. “ti-ti” when Brad talks about me. and “na-na” (which might be no or naaah).
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: playing catch with daddy. running around the house. being pushed in his truck. playing outside. reading books with mommy. watching Mickey Mouse.
LEAST FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: naptime. being told no.
SIGNATURE MOVES: climbing in the back of the toy truck and standing. throwing everything out of his crib (including Mickey & Sammy)
FAVORITE TOYS: every ball in the house, his big plastic truck, weight bench, and tupperware (lol)
MOM & DAD’S PROUDEST MOMENT: watching the pinata fall and hit him straight in the head. if you missed the video, by all means, check it out… and laugh a little with us!
OTHER MILESTONES: he copies so much that we do. he high-5’s. claps. copies sounds and and our favorite is when he tries to do Insanity with us. He absolutely Loves to dance. And as of this weekend he can open doors. lil turkey!

I’m driving mom… you’re killing my vibe.

His little personality is blossoming every day!

 watching the Seahawks beat the Saints and hanging out with Uncle Ken!

We love seeing him change and grow it’s pretty much the coolest thing in our life! I’m so pumped to see his reaction to the beaches in Hawaii. ONLY 10 more days!

 Hope you all are having a very happy Monday!
Ours has been relaxing & productive so far! 


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