learning to crochet

i have recently found a new hobby.
as a crafty lady I absolutely love to learn new things that i can make myself. i’ve never been much of an artist but i can certainly bake, scrapbook, chalkboard (that’s a thing now i’m sure of it), and get creative when it comes to making things. there is so much you can make if you just try people! i find so much joy in little projects and d.i.y.’s that i tackle every now and then i decided to add to my skill set. 
so i picked crochet.
thanks to my awesome grandma. i quickly acquired what seems to be an ENTIRE SET of needles!
i mean seriously, have you seen all of the cute stuff you can make!! the possibilities are endless it seems… no really seriously…. a coffee koozy, the cutest baby booties, scarves, hats, even storage baskets, oh the things you can make. It’s amazing to me! I started an entirely new pinterest board just for crochet (i know, i’m obsessed!). But here’s to hoping with lots and lots of practice i can get really good and my ocd will let me think it’s good enough to give away
i have to keep reminding myself it will take time, thanks to my super supportive husband who just gently tells me “you just have to keep practicing” after that he cautiously asks me “you’re not gonna try to make me something right?” lol…. love him! *thanks for the support Herb, love Ethel*

here’s to new hobbies this year!!
what have you tried lately??
Have a fantastic Tuesday friends!

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