Scarier than Superbowl Sunday???

In case you weren’t sure I’m a big football fan.
I love sports! But football takes the cake for my favorite to watch/attend!
Today the Seahawks play the 49ers for the NFC Championship. 
To say today is big is an understatement.
As a native to Washington {being practically born in the Kingdome} and a Seahawks fan since birth my stomach is definitely uneasy this morning. 
How could it not be? Many have said that today’s game is ours to lose.
This article perfectly details why so many Seattle fans are more than nervous today…
Our city has been waiting a long time. 
Although I now live in Arizona and my husband is a diehard Cardinal, I will always cheer for my Hawks first. I’m so lucky he lives & breathes understands home team loyalty. {which undoubtably means our son is destined to root for the Cardinals but I’ve come to terms with that *almost*}. I’m also extremely happy he cheers us on when his team is out (and vise versa). 
obviously we understand each other
So today Hawks the win is ours for the taking. The road to the Superbowl is almost complete, just one more roadblock. How lucky are my parents to be going today!?!?! *jealous much over here* 🙂

After that photo montage/ ode to my team… Please understand if I choose to disappear for a day or so if for some crazy reason today ends badly. (Not that it’s going to, but I did mention the nerves right?) 
Fingers crossed. Jersey ready. Lets go Hawks!!!!
Happy Football Sunday friends!
And in other news I recently passed 10,000 views on my blog!! Woo Hoo!! Thank you so much to everyone for following & reading along!! I’m excited to grow this space and do so much more this year! 

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