D.I.Y Growth Chart

You know me & my crafty self… I get the urge… I want to make things!
It’s even better when I can do it for next to no $$$!
I’ve been looking up wooden growth charts (and pinning them of course), I love the idea of marking your child’s height on the wall. It’s one of my favorite childhood memories. It was sad when we moved from that house and I remember my mom taking pictures of it, but really it’s not the same. So why not put something on the wall so that you can take it with you if you move (which I know my husband & I are itching to do) The problem I kept running into is they are usually ridiculously priced. Especially when I know I could make my own. It was so darn easy I’m thinking I could start giving them away as gifts or selling them. One quick trip to Home Depot and you’ve got supplies. I payed $2.77 (inc tax) for the whole project and I even had store credit so technically it was free this time!
All thats needed is 
A fence post (only 2.05). 
Paint (which I got a tiny sample color for .50 off the reject shelf). 
Brushes (which I had a home).
A bright pretty craft paint (also had at home).
A tape measure.
Stencils (if you’d like, but mine were just a size guideline)
It was super simple.

Paint the entire fence post. Let dry about 30 minutes.
Lay out tape Measure and mark off 1 ft and 1 inch marks. Make sure you know how high you want it from the ground. I went 6 inches.
Paint stencils & Lines.
Let dry.
Hang on Wall.
{we haven’t done this part yet cause first I have to decide where I want it at}

2 thoughts on “D.I.Y Growth Chart

  1. My great-grandma always said the height you are at 3 years is half what you will be full grown and it's been pretty accurate for the most part;) So make sure you mark that one extra special and celebrate his 'half-height'!!!


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