well this is awkward

looks like my last post failed to publish from Hawaii. As you probably read the last post was from Monday the 27th. Apparently my phone was on vacation too! Aw well. 
So, it looks like you’re extra lucky, as it looks like I’ll be posting 3 (maybe more) times this weekend! 
I mean there is lots to talk about… vacation, football, new food plans

Today we really have a whole lotta nothing planned. {oh wait that was yesterday too} Just getting back into the swing of “normal” life i.e grocery store, laundry, workouts, time zone changes etc… and of course we’re getting very pumped for tomorrows game!! 
SuperBowl!! Lets go Hawks!
Hard to believe it’s february 1st. 
time to get excited for the next holiday… Valentines Day  
{i know i’m a little ahead of myself Superbowl first right} that’s totally a National Holiday in my world
also I have plans in the works to expand & grow Life is Peaches. Can’t wait to share 🙂
Hope you all are having a RELAXING weekend like us.
Glad to be home. {only missing it a little}
See you soon.

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