We are the Superbowl 48 Champions!!!
{if you live under a rock… surprise}
I am so excited, happy, giddy, over the moon, proud to be from Washington State right now.
What a great day for Seahawk football! 
We smashed the Broncos! I mean come on 43-8?! Straight beat down.

Couldn’t be prouder to be a 12th Man today! 
check out my chalk skills too {that hawk wasn’t easy 😉 }

Anyway, if you missed the game(??) it was a great day for Seattle fans. 
True showing of Defense wins Championships.
A much deserved and long awaited win!
Well played boys! Way to bring that Lombardi home…

Now I’m just waiting on my NFC champs shirt and Superbowl clothing (hint hint Mom lol) no really, time to get shopping, or maybe I’ll get crafty? probably shop for this one though.

Happy Sunday friends! 
See you real soon.

One thought on “OMG! OMG! OMG!

  1. No worries honey… they will be in the mail by this weekend along with some other goodies!! GO HAWKS!!! We are planning on going to the parade tomorrow too : )


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