14 Month Update

Hey everyone!!
Welcome to the monthly Cash update! 
He is growing like a weed and loves food more & more every day. It cracks us up when he is so cranky that nothing seems to make him happy except food. *Best Parent Award* Keep feeding him until he smiles. But seriously, sometimes it’s the only thing that works. This morning was no exception to the, Cash hearts food mantra. We had coconut pancakes for breakfast and mommy threw in a few dark chocolate chips just to spoil him (cause it’s Friday duh). We almost couldn’t believe how fast he emptied his tray. Still pretty cute with a face covered in chocolate though, right.
In case you weren’t sure what a 14 month old does… they explore. Oh boy do they. It’s too funny to see his curiosity. But man, does he get. into. EVERYTHING!
Here are a few photos to really map it all out for you. 
Little ones are very helpful. They love to do the dishes.

 Climbing in drawers is much more fun than just opening and closing them.

 They love to play in closets. And are sure to bring extra toys with them. (sorry this ones a little blurry)

They are also super helpful in rearranging the furniture. Especially to get to hidden tupperware/toys that they have magically placed all over the house!

They are sometimes similar to having a dog. No really, they play fetch too.

 They’re smarter than you think… He knows he’s doing something he shouldn’t here. Ha

And they’re just too darn cute for words!!

** So crazy that this picture was taken a week earlier from the first one and he looks so much older in the first photo! They grow so fast!!! But it’s great fun to share it here with you on my little space.

Hope you all had a wonderful week! We are so ready for the weekend! Even if it means mommy works a lot and Daddy is probably going on another work trip. We will still have lots of fun!

Oh in other news looks like I officially get a new phone… I finally joined the cracked screen club last night at work. It’s very sad… this thing was 1 week away from 2 years. Guess I’m finally getting my own plan huh mom! 😉 Fingers crossed they’re having Valentines Day specials or something!

Happy Friday Friends!! Oh & New recipes coming soon! 

One thought on “14 Month Update

  1. Yes in deed I like the sound of your own phone plan ; ) however it is a bummer about your phone!! Hopeing we get a chance to chat this weekend even though im working the off shift both days… Anyway, yes Cash is growing like the proverbial weed and so darn cute too – he reminds me of you quite a lot when it comes to being helpful… and his uncle in many ways too. Ah the fun time you are all having and the fun to come!! So glad you are able to share this with us all and cant wait to see you all in not quite 6 weeks!! Oh and a special box should be in the mail to you on Monday : )


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