Hawaiian Honeymoon

Are you ready for some serious picture overload? i.e. sunsets, beaches, seafood & lots of Cash cuteness
I mean what is there to say we enjoyed every single minute of Hawaii. We seriously considered moving. Truth, the offer still isn’t completely off the table. I distinctly my husband and I telling my in-laws to just pack our house up and send it to us when they got back. Crazy right? Or is it… Even when it rained we couldn’t really be mad {well we were though}, but still it’s paradise and sure enough the sun showed itself  for sunset every. single. night. Pure Heaven. I had the most relaxing vacation of my life. Finally Brad & I got to really vacation. We can’t wait to go back. Maybe even do a few touristy things next time around. One thing is for sure the islands aren’t cheap people. Be prepared.
But they are so much fun!!


Kona Airport Selfie
In true honeymoon fashion 
first drink on the island. it wasn’t full thank goodness.
it’s blurry, but i love Cash’s face… um excuse me mom, what do you think you’re doing?

our deck view. the beach was only a short walk away too.
first time at the beach
he liked it. hated it. and then loved it. haha
appropriate beach selfie, this may have been snapped to a couple people (sorry for rubbing it in girls)
this was the short walk from our room. oh hello paradise
first nights sunset 
a nice stranger took this for us. strange but my camera lost focus on the sunset {guess it’s time for a camera upgrade 

Mai Tai’s for night 2
then it was back to the room to play in the cupboard haha

 Adventures in Kona Saturday morning. Banana Virus, Gym, & Target. I think we’ll skip the key story today, let’s just say the employees of Target in Kona may think I’m a crazy lady. {or just that my roots really are blonde}

Next the beach at Mauna Lani climb on lava rocks and explore. We saw sea urchins, an eel, and turtles.
After naps we met up with the Grandparents & Cash, all ready for dinner mom.
(Grandpa & Grammy B… does my shirt look familiar?)
on our way to a seafood feast.
this is where we had dinner. {it was really rough}

endless Seafood on the beach, yep I’m in heaven for sure!!
more Mai Tai’s for night 3
over the seafood, on to the bread
a few Koi fish during our morning coffee trip
who’s ready for beach Sunday, while Daddy golfs. we are! 
playing in the water at A-Bay
he wanted to dive in head first
splash heaven
he loved it
he’s in awe, or maybe contemplating how to break free and get back in
dancin’ on the beach
snack break. pretty sure he ate sand
sand art
he is really quite advanced. 
night 4. in Kona
At Kona Brewing Co
most of the photos from this night are grainy iphone selfies. but it was fun & full of memories.
Cash spent the night with Grandpa & GranWen for the very first time.
With that I will pause. It’s getting to be a little bit of a photo overload. Part 2 tomorrow!! 
it’s just too much fun for 1 post.
Happy Wednesday Friends!

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