Hawaiian Honeymoon Part 2

Hello everyone!
Lets be honest here… this is going to be yet another picture post. I just love telling vacation stories that way! Pretty sure it drives my husband crazy, the sheer amount of photos I manage to take. maybe this is why I have yet to get that fancy camera I’ve been pining over…hmmm {if you need a crazy expensive gift idea hubby here it is :)}
Might as well pick up right where we left off 🙂

Monday & Tuesday brought gray skies and rain but we still managed delicious dinners and beautiful sunsets.

Free dessert for our Honeymoon, always a treat!
Tuesday night’s sunset

and rainbow
another of the gorgeous sunset Tuesday night

 Brad’s Oh My amazingly delicious dinner. And the Coconut Creme Brulee we shared. {I need a serious diet after this trip, we definitely ate our share and then some}

 The boys enjoying some more treats at dinner! Brad has been raving about the coconut smoothies here since I met him. And he wasn’t lying they are so freakin good! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve wanted one every day since. And we probably had one every day we were there. So Delicious!!

on Wednesday we swam with the turtles at Mauna Lani 
these are one of my absolute favorite animals
 (tied with penguins b/c they’re always dressed for an occasion but that’s another story)
this is the coolest thing I have done in my life thus far (besides make a baby of course haha)

oh you know just snackin in the car on the way to Kona Thursday morning
he started a band with the nice lady at a shop in Kona.
Of course he flirted like crazy and loved when she spoke to him in Hawaiian 
gorgeous Hawaiian flowers
They very last sunset, Thursday night

waiting for our late night flight… we couldn’t help ourselves, a nap was needed

and this is exactly how the overnight flight home went

Although it feels super wonderful to be home… we definitely miss the tropical paradise!
Lucky me, has an awesome hubby who promises we will go back “soon”. Until then I will just enjoy the sunny weather we’re having in Arizona. I think I can manage…. it’s supposed to be almost 90 degrees this weekend. I think foresee some Valentines pool time in our future. Can’t wait to share a few new recipes and our Cupid festivities with you soon.

Happy Valentines Eve friends!!

One thought on “Hawaiian Honeymoon Part 2

  1. Woo Hoo…2 blog posts in 2 days, thanks for making my week! Oh and sweetie, making babies as cool as hangin' with turtles, hands down turtles any day:) XO


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