Our Love Day festivities {delayed}

yeah yeah yeah. I know this post is what, a week late. psssh. It happens. No but seriously I wanted to post sooner. At first, I told myself to wait until the Washington grandparents got their valentines so I didn’t ruin the surprise. and then life got in the way. and then I just seemed to have this strange start a post but not finish it blogging block. hey like I said, it happens. I’m here now.

We had a lot of fun for Valentines Day the day after. Turns out this lady worked a 10hour shift at the restaurant and basically collapsed in a pile on the couch, while inhaling salmon when I finally got home. **big Thanks to the hubby, not only for having sweet gifts & food for me even though I was so exhausted, but for listening to my work stories and then giving me a rest day the Tuesday after the weekend so I could finally recover**

Cash may be a little young to really understand holidays still but that doesn’t stop me from getting festive and bringing him in on all of the fun. I do wish I had been slightly less busy (or remember a few weeks early) so that I would have had a cute festive outfit for him. We made it work though, by having lots of fun in the days leading up to Valentine’s and even a Saturday Morning Brunch.

nothing to see here, just eating an orange that I swiped from the fridge (peel included)

little flirt pjs

 then we got busy adding little love details all around the house

pre Valentines Day chalkboard

& baking delicious goods (pumpkin breakfast muffins) in pink & red cups of course

Next up we had some crafty fun, creating Valentines for the grandparents and daddy. Of course we munched on some addictive, festive, homemade chex/popcorn mix, sticky fingers make Valentines sweeter right

sending the washington grandparents a long distance hug
our finished products were pretty sweet

 Next up, was the Saturday Celebration. Our “love Brunch! 🙂

 Might have been a little too much food for just us 3, but Cash was extra impressed!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday. 
We are off to the Butterfly Wonderland here in Scottsdale this morning.
And then it’s work tonight & tomorrow for this Mama.
Hope to be posting again tomorrow night…
Happy Weekend friends!!

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