Butterfly Wonderland

Hello again blog land…. Cash and I have had a busy start to our week between outings and traveling we’ve been booked up for days. Time to relax a little and get back into our normal schedule of course,  now that we’re home from Palm Springs, it’s not quite normal until Saturday… turns out daddy has left for another business trip. So it’s just us two, and in the quite of Wednesday evening, I have a little downtime to catch up on posts. Lucky you!

We’re going to start by backtracking to the weekend
Hey it’s what I’ve got to do sometimes so that I include everything for Cash’s … {and future children’s}… reading pleasure later in life. Besides this being my own little space it’s true purpose is that of a very detailed account(s) of our adventures from my p.o.v. for our kiddos to see one day. Because how cool is that, right?! Hmmm… I wonder if I could ever figure out how to print out all this? ok.ok. I’m rambling. distraction over. I can come back to that another time.

back to the weekend.

If you live in Phoenix, Arizona this is a must. go. to. place! End of story. It’s definitely fun for all ages. The Butterfly Wonderland is in Scottsdale off Via de Ventura and they have anywhere from 2000-2500 butterflies in the atrium. It’s actually America’s largest butterfly atrium {so cool}. Cash was pretty much in awe the entire time. He only panicked a little when they flew around him while he was standing on his own, but no screaming so that’s a good thing.

i think i can grab it!
look close there is one on my shoulder, Cash is to busy with the five+ in front of him 
pretty butterflies… i felt like a little kid again 🙂
what the heck is this thing?
they loved my shoulder, he had no idea it was there
love that pensive look….
so many pretty ones. 
hmm… still not sure about these things mom.

 Not only do the have thousands of live butterflies in over 50 different species but there is a 3D theater (with a 10 min video on butterflies native to North America), an emergence gallery (where you watch butterflies hatch from cocoons),

 live ant colony (gross), honey bee extravaganza (my skin is still crawling a little so sorry, no pictures!!) and the rivers of the Amazon Aquatic display complete with a sting ray touch tank.

 the pictures of are a little grainy but he definitely touched it!

It was such a fun morning outing. I can’t wait to take him again when he’s a little older and really understands what we’re doing. But hey under 2 he’s free, sweet bonus to making some pretty great memories with my little guy!

Can’t wait to share about our Palm Springs adventure/memories next!
Hope you all are having a great week! 

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