with such a busy start to our week… it’s really nice that we seem to be having a relaxing finish!
Of course we can’t wait for da-da to come home tomorrow.
I figure it’s about that time for another one of these… they are definitely an old favorite! I enjoy a good question/answer format now & then. For all of you blog friends, feel free to join in the fun with your own currently post, be sure to Link back and of course I always link back to my original inspiration Danielle at Sometimes Sweet. She is such a fantastic writer, one of my favorites to follow. On to it then…

reading: I just finished up a book called The Promise of Stardust by Priscille Sibley that had me near tears the entire way through. Yet intrigued me enough I couldn’t really put it down.  (thanks mom for sending me a couple new ones)  Next up is Don’t Let Me Go by Susan Lewis, can’t wait to crack it open.
listening to:  I am loving the Lorde Pandora Station lately. {i know so behind right.} I think I just might pick up her cd for some decent car music.
eating:as healthy as I can. Except for those pesky Valentines Day chocolates still hanging around. I’ve been starting to feel like the pounds are coming back lately. It certainly doesn’t help that there is a serious lack of workouts happening and I tend to be too tired for daily walks with Cash. But I know if I start my energy will improve so it’s that time to just get back into it! I can do better I know this. Must fit in a walk/ park trip today!

watching: just catching up on recorded shows from being out of town. I love love love that Grey’s Anatomy is back! I can’t help it… it’s been a favorite since before college and I just can’t let it go. I’ll be with you til the end Greys. Hopefully many more seasons of drama.
working on:still working on that playroom. We finally had someone come and pick up that pesky old couch (donated to the epilepsy foundation) so now I have a true empty front room to work with. The hard part is we keep talking about downsizing or finding a safer (cul-de-sac) neighborhood for the kiddo, so I just can’t quite bring myself to paint and make changes if we’re just gonna move. Sigh. maybe I can find an alternative for the interim?
loving:How much Cash is learning every day. It makes my heart so happy and full to see the changes in him. He grows like a weed overnight and turns around learns a new task or hand signal or even sound before bedtime the next night. It’s truly amazing to see what a sweet boy he is becoming and how genuinely happy he is.

Baby Boy: Mama hopes your heart is always full!  

bummed out on:this health insurance nonsense. it is truly a pain. I’m not going to talk politics or anything but my work had to wait until the very last government acceptable minute to notify us that health benefits would no longer be offered. UGH. That’s the main reason I kept this job. Now it’s time to find a big girl job, and the best, affordable plan possible for our family (especially if we want another kid anytime soon). It’s not even noon, but someone get me a drink if I’m gonna go back to reading insurance policies after this.
feeling thankful for: our families! It’s amazing to have Brad’s parent’s so close by to keep us from putting Cash in daycare just yet. And the support of my parents from a distance is equally helpful even if they wish they could do more. Just knowing how much love & support we have all over keeps my heart full. I can’t thank them or the big man upstairs enough!

Guess I better get back to that insurance crap before little man wakes up and we head out for that walk!

Happy Friday {and very last day of February} Friends!!

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