Visiting {Great} Grandma in Palm Springs

At this point I already know, I’m super lucky. I still have both of my grandmothers & one of my grandfathers in my life. Plus I have a pretty great relationship with all three of them. I may not talk to or see them as often as I’d like but it’s very cool to know they are there and doing well!

My grandma (mom’s mom) got the opportunity to ride down with her niece to Palm Springs and visit her brother while vacationing for a couple weeks. You see it’s been tough on her the last few months between her own health (88 year old) stuff and my grandpa’s countless doctors appointments. So a little trip to the sunshine and relaxing was just what she needed. And since she was only staying a 3.5 hour drive from us, we decided a road trip to visit was more than necessary. Turns out Brad wasn’t able to get away from work but Cash & I hoped in the car Monday morning and made the drive. 

Thankful that we have such a good {happy} kid… he slept most of the way there!
Once we arrived it was go-go-go for Cashman. He wanted to show off and run all over the condo.

a moments pause for story time with great grandma
showing off & playing some catch with G Grandma
bound & determined to climb up on that couch himself
We had so much fun the first day that we decided to stay a second night (thanks again Grandma, I hope we didn’t really impose too much). Plus it meant we got to spend the entire day with her and have lots of adventures.

his very first McDonalds trip… fish & french fries
and ketchup
and more ketchup after he sucked it off the fry lol

yay… that was yummy now whats next?

oh a McFlurry? I’ll take that thank you!

yep delicious! 
letting the sugar go to his brain haha
i think the toys are this way…
yep this is exactly what we need… sugar!
all tuckered out after an adventurous day

Cash even learned a couple new tricks from Great Grandma Bette!  Check out my Instagram for the video! It was such a special couple of days, I’m so grateful for the extra time. Plus it makes our next Washington trip (whenever that may be) even more exciting!
And with that the oven beeped… Our lunch is ready so it’s back to mommy duties before work tonight.

Hope you all are enjoying your week! 
Can’t wait to share some toddler meals and eating stories with you soon! 

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