Today was truly one of my worst days as a Mama to date. I’m still shook up when I think about it. But in hopes of writing down my feelings and getting it out there… maybe I will start to get over the trauma of this morning that just keeps replaying in my head. Shoot I’m sure one of you has an even crazier parenting experience to share? Feel free!
It started out like every other morning. Up early, coffee for Mama and milk for Lil man. We had an empty morning and I have been planning some fun treats for this upcoming week and St. Patty’s Day festivities, with only a couple more things to pick up I decided a morning walk/jog was in order.
Cash and I set off {he was super content with some popcorn}

so I called up one of my closest friends to catch up for a few minutes. As we took our normal route it was gorgeous, sunny and lots of friendly faces were out and about. About 5 minutes into our phone conversation I came to the end of the sidewalk, where it was time to cross the street. Normally this street is 4 lanes and fairly busy but in the mid mornings it is pretty empty so the opportunity to cross is much more open. Taking my time I watched the firetruck leave the station for a call and saw no other cars so we took off across the street. I started a jog so that we didn’t dawdle and halfway across BAM. The stroller stopped flipped forward on it’s face (i.e. my kids face) and with a yell I flew forward. My knee hit hard and then hand to catch myself (which equals some serious shoulder pain, in hindsight I know how to fall better than that sheesh). Anyway, on some sort of adrenaline high I jumped up. Flipping the stroller upright I began assessing Cash’s injuries. His eyes focused on mine as he screamed,  I quickly knew that he was just scrapped up and as scared as me in that moment. thank goodness. I unhooked him and hugged him close trying to comfort us both as I walked out of the road.

inside the fire station he finally calmed down and fell asleep

I am so grateful to those who stopped their car to run into the fire station for help, the young couple with a child in a stroller who quickly came to us to comfort and help and the man walking his dog who stopped to help by gathering up all of our belongings in the street.  I can only imagine what they felt when they saw. Now here’s the mystery. What you ask made my stroller stop so abruptly that I didn’t notice it…. A. Freakin. Pothole. Say What??? I’m not exaggerating when I say this thing is not your average pothole. The road is just missing out of nowhere. Of course only from the angle that we came at it. No, seriously I drove by there later from the other 3 directions and you can see it pretty clear. Or maybe now that I know it’s there it’s pretty much a neon sign that you can’t miss. But in my defense I was jogging and looking up, ahead where we were headed, and looking around for cars. I feel super bad. still. But I just keep reminding myself that accidents happen and it could’ve been so much worse.

 I’m also super thankful we were right next to the fire station. {how convenient huh} The poor firefighter was alone and all of their equipment was on the truck, that had just left, so he was stuck cleaning my screaming kid and trying to calm me down when my tears just kept leaking out. It couldn’t have been too tough on him though we weren’t there very long. And one more thanks to my lovely best friend {who I’m super sorry that we scared} for calling Brad when she couldn’t reach me anymore. He was out searching for us and managed to reach me once we were inside the station.

In case you weren’t sure this was definitely not my “Proudest Parenting Moment” or maybe it is {insert sarcasm}.  I’m sure in a couple days once the bruising and swelling has subsided I will totally be able to laugh at this whole thing. But for now I might cry myself to sleep. Or maybe I’ll just be a big girl, take some more Tylenol, gather up all the ice packs we own to cover my aches & drift off to sleep.
Good thing my kid is so dang tough and doesn’t even realize that his face is a road rash mess. Unless he looks in the mirror {ha} then he get a look that says “Woah, what happened to you dude” and gives his reflection a kiss. So cute.

  Love you buddy! Mama is so sorry this happened!

Here’s to hoping tomorrow is less eventful and the pain passes quickly! 
Have a wonderful accident-free day friends!

4 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. Luckily for me we have only had two major accidents with my crazy son (knock on wood)…. The first was when he was about 6-8months, Cortney was watching Aidan while I was in the other room. Aidan was pushing a stool around and it had gotten stuck in the crack he fell on the cross bar teeth first. There was so much blood we didn't know what to do… luckily it was a weekday we rushed to the dentist office who said “we can't help him he is too little you need to go five miles down the road and see them” we hurried down the road… blood everywhere, no screaming from Aidan, Cortney was in the back seat keeping him happy. When we arrived at the second dentist they were very helpful looked at his teeth. Only one was chipped and it hadn't been knocked too far up so he didn't end up with a dead black tooth for YEARS, so lucky because he didn't lose that tooth until recently (7years). We called it his shark tooth and the stool still has his tooth mark in it at my mom's house.


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