Happy St. Paddy’s Day

this was up over the weekend

Here’s to another Holiday friends!!!!! Hope you all are having a very Lucky Monday!

We are being quite festive around here. Not going to let the bumps, bruises and scrapes get us down.
I have to say this holiday has truly evolved for me. When I was young it was all about wearing green and eating corned beef sandwiches. Then in college it became drinking as much green beer as possible while wearing as much green as possible of course. And now it is how much fun can I make it for my kid? Green, Shamrocks, Rainbows, festive foods & activities. {Pretty sure I like this stage the most}
Even the front door has a little green & glitter
 Today’s holiday inspired chalk art
 A bowl of marshmallows helped to create a delicious treat.

We got a fun surprise in the mail finally!! Thanks Zulily for the speedy delivery. These wont fit him for a few more months but poor kid is really lacking in the shoe department so I had to get them when I came across the killer deal!

Little Man is quite happy this morning and was more than willing to cuddle with mama a little extra.
How sweet!
We had a festive & messy breakfast…

so worth the mess for that grin! 
And some fun stuff in store for later today! Along with green outfits and more messes! We can’t wait!
Have a wonderful day everyone! 
May the luck of the Irish be with us all… 

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