1st Day of Spring!

Spring Has Sprung my friends. I’m still working on a good chalkboard so lets show you what I wish I could do… check this out…oh my creative! (to whoever did this, well done I applaud your chalk skills)

Well it sprung in this part of the country in February but who’s keeping track really… Hopefully now the rest of you will warm up (sorry Northerners). We are definitely going to have some pool time this weekend cause Grammy & Grandpa B are in town!!!
Just our most recent picture together (way to sneak in a wedding photo haha)
Mom & Dad sorry I didn’t ask to put your picture up first but I don’t think you’ll mind too much 🙂
Of course they’re staying out in Mesa for the first few days and coming to stay with us on Sunday. Guess will be stalking them on the other side of town & trying to leave Cash with them for the weekend haha… After nap time (now) we will be heading their way. First a quick stop to get my ring checked out… seems a diamond went missing. sad day. Fingers crossed they can fix it for me {we got insurance, right?} Anyway it’s dinner tonight & meeting Grammy & Grandpa at the Renaissance festival on Sunday, then party at our house for a couple days. Should be lots of fun. {pictures of the awesomeness to follow}.
In other news we are healing quite nicely here! 
Little man acts like nothing happened at all! Thank goodness for kids and their short memories. Mama is taking a little longer but I’m gonna be just fine. Hoping to jog again tomorrow (feel free to send good thoughts). 
As part of our errands today we are sending a little box of fun stuff to one of my very best friends. She is expecting a little one at the end of May & I just can’t wait! I hope she loves the goodies… I know I loved getting mail when I was pregnant {for me or the little guy}. She is a super cute preggo {who isn’t really?} in your spare time go check out her blog too! 
Guess what else is awesome… On the 1st of April we are going to have some fresh home brewed beer! 

My husband was finally able to put to use the home-brew kit he got for Christmas (last year, don’t judge we’ve been busy lol). Anyway, one of his good friends is quite the expert so they got together on Monday and brewed a Paddy’s Day Porter. I’m super excited to taste it (and I don’t even like Porter’s). 
It does make for some serious fun! Late night beer brewing… let me tell you! Ha! 
And that’s it around here in the latest & greatest. I’m sure there will be more soon. But, for now I’m off to get ready for the day while Cash is still sleeping. 
Hope you all have a great Thursday. 

One thought on “1st Day of Spring!

  1. Its still not spring here! I swear….one of these days I am moving to AZ…I dont know why not…goodness…thanks love…I haven't checked my mail yet, but I am going to the post office today…yes today…I am soooo excited…I should have a pair of comphy sweats in there to!!!! YEAHHH!!!! Miss you like crazy can't wait to see you…seems like soon…things are going to fast!!!! Thanks for the link! 🙂


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