Blog on a Break

Hello again!! The above picture really has nothing to do with this post. It is simply a gorgeous start to an Arizona sunset that I snapped last weekend during a little driving range date the hubs & I had.

Sad to say I keep starting posts and just not finishing them. It’s been a little crazy around here. Between a fussy, teething baby, work or I just have a million other things to get done (like housework, food prep, taxes bleh). I just can’t seem to motivate myself on here… it didn’t help that my primary camera {my IPhone} was crushed broken for the last couple weeks. So now I have a new one thanks hubs! —–> and I think I’ve finally got it all programmed how I want it (maybe). 🙂

My deepest apologies to those who follow regularly. I promise to get it together soon. Really!! Like I said I’ve started quite a few posts. But who wants to post less than quality stuff? Not this girl! I’ve been putting some serious thought and energy into improving my content, unfortunately this means it’s taking me more time to get a post together. I have tomorrow morning free yay! Here’s to hoping lil man takes a nice long nap so mommy can get a few finished and scheduled through the weekend.
Cause we have LOTS of fun stuff coming up! Now that April is here!!

We are enjoying the sunny mornings discovering what his toys do

afternoon fruit/veggie smoothies

 and we have a mini vacation next week… to this place ———>

Happy Hump Day… 
Dear Cash: Can’t wait for these teeth to pop in lil man! I promise we are gonna make it buddy! Love: Mama
 Stay tuned for this weeks adventures & more! 

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