12 Days… where did they go?

That moment hits you when you realize it feels like weeks since you’ve actually hit the publish button on a post that you’ve spent hours typing up. Sadly it’s only been 12 days. Which in “blog-world” is an eternity… I acknowledge this… but #sorryimnotsorry hahaha. No really, I am. I just let life get in front of this writing escape and then I felt like I had nothing to say, or maybe too much to say. It’s a vicious cycle that you have to simply hit the publish button to end it. Yet who knows if I actually will tonight.

We’ve been up to All.Kinds.Of.Crazy. in this house. From date nights ending at Toys R Us, to AC repair guys, long naps, buying a business, bubble mowers, pregnant friends, spring cleaning & teething. The list could go on. One thing is for sure we are enjoying every single minute. Looking at that list makes me feel slightly better for pushing my blog to the back burner. C’set la vie  One tiny thing that would make my blogging easier (or maybe just my blog reading habits) is to win the awesome IPad Giveaway from one of my favorite bloggers Aspen at Makeover with Aspen. She is such a sweet lady! I love following her and her gorgeous family.

In full disclosure I am planning to try harder. I certainly take enough pictures to make it possible. Putting it down in type would certainly make things easier. 🙂 Yet if you are a mom, new business owner (to which I must clarify is not actually ours yet and I haven’t barely begun to feel the effects of, this is just my anticipation), a full-kinda schedule person or all of the above you may understand my dilemma.  Please don’t mistake my ramblings as complaining they are the furthest thing from this… I am so excited for our new ventures and daily adventures I could bubble over. 
All good things come to those who wait, & better things to those who work their butts off for em!

Hope you smile through life about all the little things!

Did I mention we are really enjoying the Arizona sunshine lately 🙂

 Our lawn is looking appropriately bubble mower smashed this week. Guess it’s a hit!!
His face in this picture cracks me up. He was just so pumped about the bubbles…

 And after all that… I’m off to bed. It’s going to be an early morning! I have high hopes of scheduling out a few posts this week. How about some Easter pictures (yeah that holiday happened and I didn’t get around to blogging about it darn it!). And that toddler meals post is still working itself out. Along with a couple of new recipes too! Lots of fun is on it’s way! Hope you all are enjoying April… After all it’s almost over.

Oh & if you’re in the mood to get some new summer decor & candles for your home or even for gifts there is some really great new stuff on my Partylite site! Please shoot me an email & I’ll let you know about open parties (there are 2 right now Susan Bu & Sarah No). Of course you can always place an order. But there are extra special deals when you order as a guest on a party. But hurry I’m closing them on the 1st!

Have a wonderful week friends!! See you soon!

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