We’re BACK!!!

Yeah it’s been a couple days. But I’m pretty sure things still aren’t back to normal. Or maybe they are. It was a little rough to start our week. Here’s a quick recap…

{monday night} “it feels so great to be home…” as I unpacked, did laundry, cleaned things etc…
{tuesday morning} “off to work :)”
{tuesday afternoon} “I hate life right now” Literally our credit card system went down. people were less than pleased. left me stuck at work an extra hour or so. Small fender bender in the Walmart parking lot. Called insurance to make a claim. Finally finished my Taxes. More Insurance crap. And then we had no food for dinner (oh yeah I was supposed to go to the store earlier oops). Mixed with a slightly jet-legged baby with a runny nose and cranky pants. I was more than ready for Wednesday…
{wednesday morning} “finally, a new day” a little fun personal training. then we took Brad to the airport. and a whole lot of relaxing… “ahhhh”

I think today we are finally as normal as we can be. Oh wait I really need to finish unpacking that giant bag. But first here are some really fun shots from our recent trip to Washington. As always we had a blast visiting everyone. It was truly a nice relaxing trip. My husband would’ve been so proud of me (if he had been there) I didn’t over-extend us {for once}. Sure we did things every day but not in the normal, crazy, I’m exhausted by bedtime cause I crammed as much into the day as possible and then some. I mean I’m proud of me. *pat. pat*

The flight there was really great. Early morning is where it’s at with this one. He relaxed. Ate breakfast. And then played with everything in site. Even accomplished some light reading 😉

 Once we arrived he was jazzed to see Grammy-B again so soon! And he got a brand new carseat. This thing is pretty fancy. Thanks to Grandpa B for picking it up & installing it for us. He loved it. And had us cracking up as he kept saying “wee wee weeee” as we drove out of the parking garage. Too Cute!

 We went back to Mom & Dad’s for naps (ha) & playtime. He’s finally ready for all the toys Grammy-B saved from our childhood. Good thing Dad didn’t get his way when he wanted to get rid of the whole garage full of boxes huh mom {he he}

 Of course as soon as the Grandparents got home from work he woke up from a real nap and was all for the stack of Disney movies Grammy B had ready!

We had to stop at a few of our favorite places while in town.
Legendary Donuts & Emerald City Smoothie!

I even managed to squeeze in a hair appointment while my best friend (& her cute kids) got some playtime with Cash! 

 Had to make sure we saw both Great-Grandmas while in town!! Cash loved showing off his dancing skills and chatting away with both of them! I feel extra lucky to still have my grandmas! They are both awesome ladies!! I missed a picture of Cash & Great-Grandpa though, he had a fall while we were in town and with all his bumps and bruises it didn’t feel right to plop Cash on his lap this time.

 And what’s a trip to Washington without a little time on the Harley with Grandpa B!! We were super lucky to have gorgeous weather our whole trip. shhh don’t tell anyone it was 65 & sunny the whole time, we want them to keep believing it rains their every single day! 🙂

 I know I’m missing a few events… I’m sure I’ll post again once the pictures get sent to me! We had a great time!! Can’t wait for our next visit in July!

Now it’s time to get crafting/baking for this weekend’s holiday. With Brad away for work I’ve got time to kill. He will be oh so excited to come home to all the goodies & decorations!

Until the next time… Have a wonderful week!

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