April Bluum Box

We got our final Bluum box!! 

This one almost made me change my mind about canceling our subscription for awhile… They send super cute stuff and I love that Cash gets a little something in the mail each month. But while oohing and ahhing over it all, my voice of reason quickly shouts to my brain and I remember that we are making that effort to be frugal. Oh yeah. We’ve in saving mode. Darn it.
That’s ok though… we will be enjoying this box for a few months.

I am super excited to share with you all the goodies we received.


BeginAgain - Earthworms - Blue

for baby – BeginAgain – Earthworms – Blue – $11.00

Grabbing, turning, clutching, and grasping: your little one is working hard to learn how hecan manipulate toys to do what hewants – and this friendly wooden worm will help him along the way!

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Priddy Books - Bright Baby Slide And Find Who's My Mom?

for baby – Priddy Books – Bright Baby Slide And Find Who’s My Mom? – $4.95

Your little one likely loves OTHER little ones – puppies, kittens, baby chicks – and this book will help teach them about the animals they will grow up to be!

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Bumkins - Waterproof Super Bib - Mickey Mouse Classic

for baby – Bumkins – Waterproof Super Bib – Mickey Mouse Classic –$6.95

Who can deny the charm of a classic Mickey Mouse? He will help add a little character to any mealtime.

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Tom's Of Maine - Toddler Training Toothpaste

for baby – Tom’s Of Maine – Toddler Training Toothpaste – $4.25

It’s never too early to think about those chompers! Good dental health begins even before those little teeth start to sprout, and Tom’s of Maine is here to help.

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Klorane - Dry Shampoo

for mom – Klorane – Dry Shampoo – $19.50

What Mommy can’t benefit from the convenience of Klorane’s Dry Shampoo? In every stage of parenthood, the grueling schedule means that sometimes your in-and-out shower didn’t quite cut it (if you make it to the shower at all!). We are THRILLED to be featuring it as our Mommy Product of the Month.

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    Cash absolutely loved the book, with the slide and find pages he’s able to interact with it, a discovering 16 month olds dream. The wooden worm is a hit but I’m not so much a fan, he’s in a throwing stage lately which doesn’t make my face or feet  feel great when I’m not ready for things to come flying at me. The bruise on my foot proves my dislike of this wooden toy {mommy is paying extra attention now}. But that dry shampoo, Mommy can get behind… perfect for my non-hair washing days (i.e. 4 out of 7 days of the week lately). The Mickey bib is so darn cute, he’s in such a Mickey Mouse phase lately it’s hard to turn down any products with the characters printed on them. {well played Disney} We’re also excited to try the toothpaste. Brushing teeth is something Cash loves, well he really just loves to try to bite the toothbrush but at least we’re sort of forming the habit. As soon as our other tube is out, this one is in. BONUS: it’s all Natural

    Have you tried out Bluum yet? It’s really fun & you can even send it to a friend…check them out!

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