{In full disclosure, this blogger has recently signed up with ShareASale and is adding in the occasional link to Gymboree, Crazy 8 or Janie & Jack. No products were received but I may be compensated for my endorsement. Thank you for reading!!}

It’s Monday again…. but today is just a little more fun than your average Monday.

Happy Cinco de Mayo friends!!!

If you have a cute little one in your life {like the guy above, who clearly needs clothes haha} go check out Crazy 8, they have some great deals for the holiday.  Today only! $5 Cinco de Mayo fiesta deals at Crazy 8! Because we all love a little shopping! I honestly haven’t shopped with them yet, but after scrolling through the website uh oh… I think I’ll become a frequent visitor, they just have super cute stuff like this Perfect Gentlemen Tee & this Flex tank top that has me cracking up {it’s totally on my list to snag for Cash man}! While you’re busy online shopping…. Hope you have a delicious Margarita today, {even if it’s virgin} ENJOY it!

It seems fitting that we catch up on the happenings around here… So here is one of my personal favorite types of posts. I haven’t done one in awhile, what with all of the other happenings. How about you? What are you doing currently? Feel free to link up!


Reading: I have officially burned through all of the romance novels that my mom so generously leaves for me each time she visits. So it was time to switch it up, lately I’ve been really brushing up on my blogging knowledge. It’s time to get serious and grow this baby!! Any helpful tips would be mucho appreciated 🙂 I’m also about to delve into some Excel for Dummies Laugh if you will  but it’s either that or my hubby sends me to a class (lets be honest, it may be both). I’m going to be very busy with the back office work soon {or so he tells me} and I want to be up to date as much as I can.

Listening to: Right now the silence of baby boy sleeping mixed with my current obsession A Life That’s Good by Lennon & Maisy from The Nashville Soundtrack. It’s just so sweet and a wonderful reminder of what is really important in life.

Eating: We are really loving that spring is here… So much fresh produce & fruit. It’s becoming a pre-dinner affair our little crudites platter I found the best Greek yogurt cucumber & dill dip by Sabra’s, What a great way to up our veggies and the boys love snacking a little while I finish making dinner

Watching: Still hooked on all of my old favorites Grey’s Anatomy, Nashville, and Dancing with the Stars. But we {my husband} recently started Game of Thrones and even though I missed the first season marathon he had, I have watched the first 5 episodes from season 2 with him —-> I’m Hooked! I will totally be watching the first season (in my spare time right). But for now it’s our nightly thing. Why didn’t we start this sooner?? Shhh. Don’t tell me anything about what’s happening now.

Working on:  Mother’s Day Gifts. I’m trying to find just the right thing for my Mama and Mother in Law. It’s harder than I thought it would be especially when my original idea fell through. So now I’m sort of scrambling as I need to get my moms in the mail like now tomorrow. Love you Mom!! 🙂

Loving: How sweet our little munchkin is lately. Even with his teeth obviously hurting he is so cuddly and happy. Every time I walk into the room (even if I haven’t left the house) he runs up to me like thank goodness you’re back and gives me a big hug. He’s been extra cuddly at night curling right up on my chest, throwing his arm around my neck and hugging me tight. I absolutely love those moments and I can’t imagine him ever being to big to do that {or maybe I’m just hoping he will never really grow out of it}.

just relaxing, watching the playoffs with daddy

Bummed out on: Not much really. Just knowing I need to get a few bills paid off and start working out our schedule with the business ready to launch soon. We are so ready for this new chapter that I can’t say I’m bummed at all.

Feeling Thankful for: My best friends. They all know who they are. Even with life being crazy for all of us & the long distance we still find ways to be there for each other. I really appreciate them all in their own way. And I’m so grateful for the unwavering friendship throughout the years and  for each one of them!!

Wishing we could go party together tonight…. Don’t worry ladies I’ll snapchat you a margarita! 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday!

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