Happy 1/2 Birthday Cashman {18 months}

oh man. Today is gonna be fun! Our lil munchkin is officially 1.5 years old! say what?! who is ready for a party? I think we’ll break out the doughnuts & candles, then hit up the pool! {feel free to join us!}

While I’m at it Happy 1/4 of a century to my baby brother! 

Almost hard to believe he’s made it 😉 Good thing I’m his favorite sister! Love ya kid! 
With our son being 18 months it’s time to reflect a little on the last month. It’s true that life just flys by. Every month is more & more fun let me tell you…

I don’t even mind the mornings where he finds his way in bed with me 

I love how much he enjoys reading

And playing with legos, such a boy

His golf swing really is improving every day… what a stud.

 The growing independence is almost scary though

Plus he’s just so darn helpful!
It’s absolutely amazing being this lil man’s mama! 
I really couldn’t ask for a better kid! 
{i know i’m gushing but it’s so easy to do}
Happy 1/2 Birthday Bubba! We love you so much!!

Have a fantastic weekend friends!
We plan on it 🙂

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