Thursday’s Thoughts = Mommy’s trip away

I’m baaaacccckkk….
What a trip it was! So much fun hanging out with the Noid family! And Iowa wasn’t too bad either 😉

But, waking up to this sweet little face absolutely made my morning! He was so happy to see me!

I knew it would be hard. But man… seeing my kid this morning I really had to choke back a few tears. I swear he grew & changed so much. The trip away did me good, I loved every minute spending time with my friend and her family, and I know the boys had fun without me. But we all seem relieved to get back to normal life for a little while.

Now that it’s nap time I can post a few photos from the trip…

Baby Z is the tiniest little boy I’ve ever seen. And he’s definitely a cutie! Hugging Cash today only confirmed how big our kid is & how much I am totally having baby fever right now!! I mean seriously this kid fit in the crook of my arm all weekend.

I could do anything while holding him. Cashman on the other hand is HUGE lol…

don’t worry he was far away from the heat… I only had him for a second  here…
We had lots of time to relax and just chat! Took a few walks. Caught up on our T.V. {thanks for getting me addicted to a couple new shows}. The new mama got some extra sleep. And I was able to fill up her freezer a little bit. It was really nice. Although I’m now disappointed we didn’t take one single picture together Sarah!! {what the heck were we thinking?} Z-man stole the show in the photo area! 🙂
I can’t wait to share a few of the recipes made this last weekend. They were all pretty yummy! Thank goodness Trav did the grilling though! All in all it was just so nice to be able to help them out! I totally understand how crazy life gets in the first few weeks after baby is born. I feel so lucky to have been able to take the trip {thanks hubby! and to both of our moms too}. 
Now it’s time to shower before the tornado of a kid wakes. Have some lunch and then head to the airport to actually get my bag. Fun stuff let me tell you. 
Hopefully we can hit up the pool cause it is hot out today! 
 Plus we have a busy weekend coming up. Lot’s to share… See you soon! 

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