Thursday’s Thoughts/Our Life Lately

It’s one of those mornings I can tell already….
I’m sitting here chugging my coffee “is it to early for another cup?”, with the Disney movie Up on for the 100,000,000,001th time, and I just realized that today’s swim lesson is going to be right smack in the middle of the USA vs Germany game. Face Palm! Crap! Guess I’m missing most of the 2nd half today… this really irks my soccer player side, I can’t begin to explain it to you.

Here’s a little Throwback Thursday Action… Senor Year of college haha

On the “up side” {see what I did there ha} Cash has managed to put away a bowl of cereal, bunny crackers, 2 pumpkin muffins, a 1/2 cup of blueberries and a cup of milk. where is he putting it today? Good for him though, I’ll take it! It’s been a little rough lately in the toddler eating area. We got some excellent advice from our pediatrician on Monday. He assured me not to stress about what the kid eats in just one day… focus more on what he consumes over an entire week. As they have good days and bad days but they wont starve if you put the food in front of them. The logic holds! Thank you Dr. M.

waiting for the doctor on Monday… haha

We are loving summer! I don’t know about you but even the crazy desert heat can’t keep us stuck inside! Between swim lessons and our own backyard we are getting out in the sunshine plenty.

I’ve also been trying to plan activities around the heat and lucky enough nap time has been moved to the hottest part of the day {smart kid}. Yesterday we joined our neighbor at the Arizona Science Center. She had an awesome Groupon for a discount membership and now we have one too. Turns out we just split the cost and we’ll all be able to bring friends and enjoy the Science Center for a full year. So great… I can’t say enough good stuff, this place really caters to all ages. Cash enjoyed it so much and I can definitely see him discovering new stuff each time we go. (sorry the pictures aren’t great it was much more fun to play with him than take snap shots, maybe I need a photographer haha)

 (Left) the skeleton would move when you pressed the button, I think the human body floor was his favorite. (Right) both boys loved to watch that tightrope bicycle thank goodness they’re no where near old enough to ride it yet!

the boys learning about magnets… really just playing with them haha
We went through the automatic car wash yesterday morning for the very first time. Cash was impressed at first and then quickly decided he wasn’t a fan. No screaming though, just a little whining and bottom lip pouting. He held my hand and we made it through. I guess I’ll have to take better care of my car so he gets used to it huh. It will be lots of fun when he’s a little older and will stay in our yard so we can wash cars in the driveway. That I think he’ll get into! 

As much as I started out this post slightly complaining and sounding like a crazy mama I really can’t whine about anything. Things have been so great lately! Cash is thriving, growing like a weed & soaking up knowledge like a sponge. The hubs is working so hard and still managing to take time for Cash and I even though he’s basically always on an airplane. And I’m happily doing my wife/mommy/crafty/baking/personal trainer/homemaker/and then some thing. To quote my own mom, “life is good”.

With that it’s time to watch some Futbol 
{& make another cup of coffee & get the crayon off of my table & chair}. 
Go USA!!! 
Have a wonderful Thursday friends!

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