finally the internet is fixed

Basically my husband left town and the internet stopped working. Maybe it is my ancient computer or maybe I really broke it… the jury is still out. Then we went to Washington on a whim to escape the heat, celebrate the 4th, and spend some extra time with the family. Now we are all back and he fixed it! I really tried to fix it, I’m not helpless I swear. But somehow in my final attempt (Saturday) I managed to turn the router off so duh of course it wasn’t going to work for me. Lame. But at least it’s back! Which means I’m back to blogging! Win for everyone! 

So now that the internet is working I get to do the really fun stuff like invoicing, ordering and e-verify. Along with my usual time sucks:  emailing, reading other blogs, pinterest-ing, etsy, facebook, babycenter, oh the list is endless really. All this is much easier on a laptop than a phone! Looking back on the last 2 weeks it was quite nice to be without the web. I can’t complain when we had so much fun!

I’m not sure how true this will be when it comes to the weather… we are having some serious monsoons lately. But hey our home will be full of bright & sunshiny people at least 🙂
Looking forward to sharing with you a few new recipes, updates on Cash, some hilarious parenting escapades and our recent travels this week. If you follow me on Instagram you got a little taste. But the written details are always juicer! Fingers crossed nap time follows yesterdays pattern I’ll get 2 times a day to write, cook & clean. Hey a mom can dream right. 

Well, Little Mermaid is on Disney this morning and Cash is over reading and itching for me to color with him so it looks like I’m off to have some none internet fun with the little one! 
Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! 

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