Washington on a Whim {caution, so many photos}

On the morning of the Fourth we were on an airplane to Seattle.

so sleepy

What? You don’t just hop on an airplane with a toddler, on a whim? Psshh… Honestly, It really was “fairly” painless… haha. thank goodness for family once we arrived though!

and Norm
he loves him some Auntie Jackie

With the Mr. traveling more than ever these days, {which is oh so good, on the business side but not always great for the family and poor hubby} it was so nice we were able to escape the heat and start of monsoon season. Added bonus = seeing so many of our family and friends. Hubs even managed to sneak up to see us for a few days, which made both Cash & I oh so happy! Sure we didn’t see everyone this time around, but I really enjoyed the time I did get to spend with our closest friends & family. Along with the relaxation of not driving all over the countryside trying to make sure we saw everyone.
Fact is we will be back in a week and a half. Then again at the end of August, so there is no room to complain. I see lots more relaxing in our future. I think I’ll ask more people to come to where we are the next few visits! Why not right? Truth is, I would like to see a lot less of this when we’re on vacation.

Poor kid. For the most part we really weren’t in the car as much as other trips. We had plenty of fun at both grandmas houses. The parks, restaurants and even downtown Seattle on our last day there.
Thank goodness he’s so darn happy! [most of the time]

morning cartoons, crackers and silliness.

Of course I took TONS of photos on our trip… {It’s a small obsession really} I so need a better camera.  

Here is a little photo recap of our 8 day spontaneous vacation. Get ready for picture OVERLOAD time.
Friday (4th of July)
 hitting balls into the water from the patio, tasting Oysters for the first time, hanging out with his cousins, enjoying dinner, bubbles and can you believe it he crashed right as if finally was dark enough for fireworks. {could have to do with it being 10:15pm and getting him up at 6am} 

Saturday (July 5th)
 still celebrating the holiday. relaxing in Gig. at the park with Grandpa Steve and GranWen.

Sunday (July 6th)
 at the new splash park with friends, yet I totally didn’t get a picture once everyone was there. ugh. picked up daddy at the airport. reading to Gran Wen and more golf into the ocean 🙂

 Monday & Tuesday… lots of relaxing, enjoying the view and celebrating Grammy B’s Birthday!!!!!

Our week only got better. Even though daddy had to leave again. We had fun feeding the fish at Grammy B’s. Visiting with both Great Grandma’s, sadly I only snapped a picture with one this time. And watching Grandpa drive off on his Harley were just a few of Wed and Thursday’s highlights.

Friday was our last day and boy did we make it count. We got extra touristy and had some major fun in downtown with Grandpa and Grammy B and Larry “the Canadian” 🙂  Between the Great Wheel, Pike Place, so much delicious food, Cash sleeping the afternoon away and then meeting back up with Grandpa & GranWen to have dinner and ride the ferry home. We had a fantastic, fun-filled day!



It was quite the trip!! We are already planning more crazy adventures for the next visit. 
Can’t wait!
Happy Friday Friends!!
We are headed out to run errands, mostly shopping
Have a wonderful afternoon… thanks for reading/viewing!

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