19 month update

Last Monday while in Washington the munchkin turned 19 months old.

Our little baby is certainly becoming a big boy. It’s great fun watching him change & learn new things every day. He is a ball of energy and just so darn happy (97% of the time). To say we’re blessed with this guy is an understatement {or maybe that’s my personal bias talking, i.e. my kid is awesome haha}

Lately, with all of this growing up he’s doing, I am oh so grateful for the baby moments he still has.

The mornings when he loves to cuddle with me and even the occasional day when his teeth hurt, he gets an owie (sp) or just plain needs his mom. Please don’t ever stop needing me kid. {Or at least for the next 20 years then you are out on your own kid, dad says! haha}

We are on the verge of attempting Potty Training.

After hearing about a few friends success with the 3 day method we are going to give it a try. Good thing bodily functions do not make me squeamish one bit. Cause 3 days of naked could get very interesting. I mean he’s already had a couple minor “accidents” when mommy looked away. (can’t wait to share those stories later this week) But for the next couple weeks we are just focusing on getting him acquainted with the potty. We have all the tools and we’re doing lots of “demonstrating” and cheering for each time we go pee-pee just so he gets the idea and gets excited. Seems to be working so far. After our next trip to Washington at the end of the month, I think we’ll strip him down for 3 days and just go for it! It can’t hurt… I figure if it doesn’t stick we’ll wait until later this year to try again. No harm in trying. Who’s ready for a little mess!

He’s full of hilarious stuff these days. Between him & his dad our days are full of laughter.

don’t you eat raisins off the floor?

Make a funny face!!

 Watching the World Cup Final in overtime… He just can’t watch anymore. 
ugh. i can’t look. tell me how it ends mom

He is climbing on any and everything he can or can’t for that matter. And loves to be a big kid, by sitting at the big table or on the couch. The tile floors all over our house still make me super uneasy but so far he’s no worse for the wear. It should only take one fall right? eek.

Then there are all of the funny things he says. The full sentences are gonna come way too quick for my liking. He already says them but we just don’t understand “Cash-ese”  My favorites these days are the way he says No to us. It has two versions. “Noooo” just like how we say it too him, when we’re warning him he’s doing something wrong or “Noo” in a little bratty voice to really prove his point. It cracks me up! Then there is the standard “uh oh!” for everything that has dropped, is wrong, or he knows he shouldn’t have done.  The other one I just crack up over is how he says “oooh” for the tough stuff. especially if he’s “lifting” weights. He has also gotten a little picky lately and developed a signature “talk to the hand” move. This is used to push us away if he’s not in the mood/doesn’t want to do something or lets us know he’s not eating that. whatever that is. So much spunk & attitude!!

What an adventure kids are! God only knows what the next month will bring 🙂

Have a wonderful Thursday! 
Can’t wait to share our Washington adventures next…

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