21 Month Update

Today Cash is officially 21 months old. I can hardly believe in just 3 short months we will have a 2 year old! But seriously each day with this kid is a whole new adventure, so we are definitely looking forward to everything he has to teach us. Trust me, he’s the one teaching most days haha.

I can’t get enough of his adorable self.

I haven’t taken any recent stats so we’ll skip over those and get to some fun facts! {PICTURES}

-These days it’s a new word almost daily. So fun to hear him chatter and tell us things. Even during those moments when we aren’t quite sure what he’s saying.

-He’s obsessed with “Fooball”, “Airpanes”, Bicycles (motorcycles), “gofball” (mostly the clubs), and everything “Mickme Mouse” (especially Daisy).

-Over the past 2 weeks he has decided he must eat with silverware. We can get him to try most foods as long as he has a fork in hand. Thank goodness because our once garbage disposal eater was quickly turning picky. This is saving us so much! I don’t even care that he pulls out 10 plastic spoons a day.

-He loves to jump on the bed with daddy and put a hat on our heads.

-If we would let him he would play “outsi” all day long. Especially if we fill the water table up.

-Already he is a habit of routine and gets grumpy if bedtime runs late. Or I forget to grab a morning snack for him before I start breakfast lol…

-His laugh is so contagious and dance moves steal the show anytime he hears music.

-Lil’ man has even started singing on the regular. Which just makes my heart so happy to hear.

-He recently learned to fist bump (high 5ing is still a favorite though).

There is so much more to tell… with all the changing and growing daily we are having so much fun!
We love every moment with you little man. Thank you for bringing much love & joy into our lives. 

I’m excited to catch up and share our recent adventures from the last few weeks.  There has been playdates, travel (more than once), crafty things, sickness, new recipes and much more. Stay tuned. 
The most exciting upcoming event is our wedding anniversary just 1 week away! 🙂 which equals a visit from Grammy B. Along with a very special anniversary surprise that I can’t wait to share. 
Should be a good time! Oh and should I mention just how crazy it is that it’s already September?! 
I think I’m ready for long pants and fall . 
Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend… Bring it on Monday! 

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