My cousin got MARRIED!!!!!

I’ve got so many stories to tell and little events to catch up on. 
Some from as far back as the end of July {ouch}.
But I’m skipping forward from those today cause I just really want to share this event. 
Plus it’s our Anniversary week so what better time to share than now 🙂
My closest cousin married the love of his life on August 30th and we couldn’t have been happier to be part of their special day. He picked the most amazing woman, I’m stoked she’s officially family now! 
{never mind that my parents & I have considered her family since 2007} 
The love these two share is absolutely beautiful. It warms my heart to know they have joined the marriage club with such grace, understanding, respect, support, passion, and true love for one another. 
I know the future will bring them wonderful things and many, many years of happiness. I’m not sure I can begin to explain how happy their union makes me. To see someone you love find their other half is such a blessing, did I mention how much love the two of them have for one another. Cause it’s A LOT!
I could gush for paragraphs but I’ll save you and move on to a few photos of the magical day.
My apologies in advance that many of them are grainy and such. It was just my IPhone. I’m still waiting on photos from other family members. {Please email me them! Mom I’ll steal from you tomorrow} 
Seriously though how did I not take one of me & the bride & groom??
P.S. my kid was the cutest ring bearer in the history of weddings {nope, no bias here}

He also was a dance machine during cocktail hour while we waited for his ride 🙂 
 Aww… how cute are my parents though?!

Don’t worry while were dancing it up Cash was having a blast!
And falling fast asleep in a big kid bed. Special thanks to my bestie & her whole family for taking amazing care of him and having so much fun!
Have to end it with this one….
Isn’t their Love just wonderful!!!!
Huge Congratulations Again Mr. & Mrs. Simmons! 
We Love you both so much! 

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