I’m back… & Life is surely Wonderful

I mean first off it’s fall… woo hoo!
Can you believe it’s October? I know, I’m late to the bandwagon… what’s new right?

But seriously. I’m super excited for the holiday season and everything that comes along with it!
Also I’ve decided it’s time to end my blogging break. YAY! Cue the cheering
I am smack in the middle of a one week NO social media (ie. facebook & instagram) which is really great. It’s been nice to step away from my phone a little (except the camera haha) and just focus on the munchkin and hubby more. And everything around the house that still needs to be done haha
But really it is a very cleansing experience. Guess it even cleared up a little time for blogging!

oops you caught me trying to escape again mom
We’ve been busy busy busy around here

 Between Football watching

A little golfing

And lots of time at the park

You could say we’re throughly enjoying “fall” in Arizona 🙂
I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we have every single day with this little munchkin!
I just love being a part of him growing and learning. Can you believe he’s already 22 months?! Crazy.

And with that I leave you with a little sneak peak at our family/anniversary photos we had taken by the fabulous Jasmine recently. If you live in Arizona, this girl is exactly who you should go to!
But more on her and the rest of the shoot later!

Have a great Thursday!!!
It’s great to be back! See you again soon.

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