Happy Halloween 2014

Well… I’m not exactly sure what happened here. I typed up this post on Halloween morning and scheduled it to post an hour later. Yet here I am on Monday morning thinking why the heck didn’t it post. So while you read this pretend it’s last Friday morning k. A little travel back in time 😉

We have a fun filled spooky evening planned.
With a new block to trick or treat around. A ferociously cute dinosaur to Rawr all night long.
A quick dinner and spooky treats. We’ll be celebrating Halloween as best we can this year.
Trust you me, I have big, big plans for next year… think over the top festive! 🙂

We managed to carve up 3 pumpkins last night. Even with a grumpy toddler.

I think he was just sick of me and ready for daddy to be home. Mr. Peach has been quite busy with work this week so Cash has been stuck with plain ol mom most of the time. Thankfully Mr. Peach brought home dinner and after Cash & I stuffed our faces, Daddy let him watch an episode of Mickey while I set up the carving stuff. Then we got down to business. Cash was less than impressed.

He only wanted to lift the pumpkin and try to carry it around. When I cut off the top he looked at me like I was nuts. Stuck his hand in it one time and then proceeded to ignore us by running in circles playing with a golf ball. 

Smart kid left us with all the hard work. He wouldn’t touch the pumpkin guts no matter how much I coaxed and attempted bribery. Darn him and his need for clean hands lol
But hey, they’re carved. No matter how last minute…

Here is a little sneak peak of the munchkin in his costume

Now I better get to finishing up some decorating before we are hit with trick or treaters. oops.
Hope you have a very Happy Halloween!!!
I promise I’ll be back very soon with a bump-date, new recipes, Cash update, and much more!

Since this posted late… here are a few more photos of last Friday evening
sorry they are blurry. between my iPhone, the darkness and a running toddler I did the best I could.

excited to trick or treat
on a mission
back to our house he’s ready to be done
checking out his loot… I’d say he scored big for only 6 houses

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