thinking pink & all things baby

It’s no secret… We are very excited to be pregnant again. 
We are so ready for another child. Or at least we think we are! 
Shoot I’m ready for 3 more but thank goodness my hubs is the sane one 🙂 
With baby #2 on the way, my brain is full of tiny human ideas. I’m totally hoping for a little girl next. One of each would be so much fun. But if we have another boy, you won’t hear me complaining. Cause boys love their moms so darn much I couldn’t, on top of that a boy mean I’ll surely stay the Queen of the castle. Who can complain about that? I don’t doubt that no matter what we will be blessed with just the right little one to complete our family.

The really fun part about thinking baby 2 is the shopping. Which I am being very careful about since we don’t quite know what we’re having.  But that isn’t stopping me from window shopping, online browsing or even pinning all the cute little girl stuff that is screaming at me. All the pink and gold that is trending right now is just adorable. And shouts little princess, which is exactly what I’m sure my husband is missing (haha). Only 3 more days until we know!! Who know’s when we’ll share though so don’t get your hopes up too much 🙂
I thought it would be fun to document some of my girl room ideas. Even though I have the right to  change my mind 100,000 times in the next 6 months if baby truly is a little girl. 

Why not have a little fun & decorate virtually, with an unlimited budget… 
I’m loving so many things but, here are just a few of my ideas

Like this rug and curtains from Land of Nod.
 Or maybe this sheet with these curtains to bring in a hint of pink to a big girl room.
Of course I’ll be getting a glider this time around since we don’t have near as much stuff to purchase. I’ve always loved this one but for a girl I would prefer this with gold or pink pillow accents. 
I seriously love this coral dresser with all of the gold accents. 

Then there are walls to think of with pictures and frames and beautiful canvas quotes. 

I can’t possibly forget that with little girls you get lots of little shoes
Of course I could go all day with this…. 
But in an effort not to totally overload this post or freak out my husband should he actually read this,
 I’ll stop there. 
Let the countdown continue. 
Only 3 days until we (hopefully) find out what baby is.
Only 173 days until baby’s due date.
Cross your fingers I’ll have a new chalkboard/bump photo by Friday.
And new recipes before then…
Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday.

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