Texas Trip

Even though it’s already Thursday {say what?? where is the time going?} I wanted to share a few photos and some details about this past weekend. I swear I started typing this on Monday and then the calendar just jumped forward on me…

Last weekend Cash and I took a little trip. It was sort of pre-planned but mostly on a whim. You see my “original” college roommate {she’ll appreciate that title ;)} had twin boys one month ago. When she first found out she was pregnant, I knew I wanted to make the trek to Texas to visit when she had them. As her due date got closer, I just wasn’t sure if the timing would work out between moving, being pregnant and the upcoming holiday it was looking dim. As luck would have it another close girlfriend already had the trip planned which she mentioned to me as we were texting about baby #2 {I promise I will post if it is a he/she soon}. She suggested I come too. Even though it was the very next weekend that she would be flying out I figured lets just check prices. Of course my friends insisted Cash come along for the fun, so hubby was all for sending the two of us on a mini trip. The cards fell into place and we were able to go for a Thurs-Sat. It’s never enough time with these girls but I am so glad we got to spend the weekend together. I absolutely love catching up with them both and I wish we all lived closer. Oh well… this just means annual girls trip for us next year!!

Of course in the baby/toddle chaos, girl talk/gossip/catching up, and sleep deprived blur I didn’t snap near enough photos. But the memories are priceless! Here are a few highlights

-My kid might be a lady killer already, L is convinced he needs to model. She’s almost convinced me.

-Cash is officially jealous when Mommy pays more attention to babies, even if he was playing perfectly fine on his own and all of his needs had been previously attended to.

-Yet he was super sweet and even a little helpful when it came to the boys.

-E is doing a fantastic job as new mommy to two sweet boys. Girl it’s Amazing how well you are handling everything, don’t doubt that you are killing it! Just keep pushing through the sleepless haze, it’s going to get better every day.

** I’m just now realizing these might both be pictures of Bradley. Oops.**
           Below is a picture of both Bryson & Bradley, it’s just a little blurry

-L changed her very first diaper. I wish I had recorded the antics. I’m still laughing at the stream of pee that happened twice!! haha Lucky her the second change was less eventful

-Cash is a food/drink thief. But I knew that already!
-He also is a dog lover! I can’t wait for when we are ready to get a dog… I’m estimating next Christmas once baby #2 is over 6months old

 Here is a couple photos I stole from the girls off of Facebook! We only got a couple of the three of us… The ones with all the boys are absolutely hilarious!! Cash wasn’t having anything to do with siting between those babies hahahaha

It really was a wonderful trip!! I can’t wait until our next get together ladies!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day… I’ll be back tomorrow with a new recipe! Yay!!
But first I’m gonna need a shower and some kind of comfort food. My kid is sweet yet he’s testing the limits these days. Can we say terrible 2’s?? It’s not even 9am & Cash just asked for a nap. 
I’m with him on this.
Happy Thursday.

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