My 200th Post! {16 weeks}

Hello Again!
It just seemed fitting to make my 200th blog post all about baby 2
Being that this thing was started as a way to document the happenings with baby 1…. Cash

Why not continue in such a fashion.

I am finally feeling better {as long as I can nap occasionally} YAY!
But seriously the first trimester about killed me this time around. so much sickness and so many hormones. Was it this bad with #1? No way. This little one is completely opposite of Cash, it has Brad and I both thinking girl. Although they say every pregnancy is different right.
So I started this post on Tuesday. Yet didn’t finish it so of course we went to the doctor on Wednesday morning to have an ultrasound & discover the sex of baby 2. Unless you got a personal call or text you’ll just have to be on the edge of your seat until next week or the week after.

feel free to take a guess in the comments!!

I’m not quite picture ready to make it blog-official.
Sorry… That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Here are the usual bump-date stats though!! Enjoy!

How Far Along: 16 Weeks
Official Due Date: April 25th
Total Weight Gain: 4-5lbs, some days 7 but it just depends what I eat {I started at 138}
Maternity Clothes?: not yet. just comfy clothes, my usual leggings, tees, workout wear 🙂
Stretch Marks: none. thank goodness. hopefully I can keep them away with this one too.
Sleep: some nights better than others. thankfully Cash wears me out so much I sleep til 4:30 {then I pee} and sleep again until 7. having some super crazy dreams, especially if I eat late.
Best Moment This Week: Seeing munchkin in the ultrasound and finding out he or she 🙂
Miss Anything: I really want a sub sandwich, but the thought of warm lunch meat makes me sick. So I’ll wait. Only 5 months to go.
Movement: Starting to feel more & more. Mostly at night when I finally sit and relax. It’s wonderful. I started feeling tiny flutters about 2 weeks ago, so crazy how you notice things sooner the second time around.
Food Cravings: Root Beer, Potato Chips {I’m picky though, the thin kettle chips are my favorite} & cake pops. I haven’t sent Mr. Peach out specifically yet but if he’s already out I do ask him to stop
Anything make you Queasy or Sick?: Cash’s poopy diapers. No joke they are super gross to me lately. I’m pretty sure it’s the smell. Since I have a super human preggo smeller. Certain food textures get me too. Nothing specific but I know as soon as I look at it or pop something in my mouth that I definitely don’t want it. ah the joys of growing a tiny human.
Gender: I know it’s killing you… we will reveal soon I promise!
Labor Signs: Zero. Thank Goodness.
Belly Button In or Out: Still in. But I do have a umbilical hernia so occasionally half of my belly button pops out.
Wedding Rings On or Off: On. As always I take them off at night. I’m really hoping my hands don’t swell up this time around. We shall see.
Mood: Pretty happy this week. I was a roller coaster of a basket case up until about a week ago. And the wonderful hormones to make me cry at the littlest things.
Weekly Wisdom: Don’t stop stretching and working out. It’s super painful to gain what you’ve lost back. Honestly, I’m pretty frustrated with myself at this point, but I know I can push to do more. Just because you look in shape doesn’t mean you are… I’m already planning for next summers workouts to get my lazy self back into gear.
Looking Forward to: The holidays this year. I can’t wait to see how Cash reacts to everything. I also plan to Really Enjoy this pregnancy, it very well could be my last one. And soaking up as much one on one time with Cash man as I possibly can.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend with your family!
We have managed to be busy and still fit in relaxing time.

Lots of fun awaits us in the upcoming week! 
I plan to post another recipe and more before we jetset to Texas to visit a few college friends and a precious 3 week old set of twin boys!!
Happy Sunday Friends!

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