While We’re in Washington

Hey Hey Hey!
I’m excited I have a few minutes to myself… Little guy is napping and Mr. Peach is at the gym (go him). So I figured… let us Blog! Lucky you!

Here is a little recap of our week so far… Enjoy!

Cash got us up in the air safely! Thank goodness. ha
then he got busy coloring, watching movies and looking out the window.
he wasn’t to happy with us when we made him put on a jacket…

But he perked up quickly…We decided to start our trip off right! {meaning Seafood. lots of Seafood} Straight from the airport we headed over the bridge and stopped for dinner at Anthony’s Home Port. Since Cash skipped his plane ride nap he managed to catch a little sleep on the way to dinner and woke up right as we parked. *smart kid* Gotta get our fill of clam chowder, dungeness crab and salmon while in town!!

Sunday Morning was a little bit of a blur between our sleep fog & traffic but we made it to my parents house to drop Cash with Grammy and catch the train for the Hawks/Cardinals game!!

Such a fun time. I love how we can be such loyal fans to our team and at the end of the day it really is just a game. I’m still counting on another win come Dec 21st though haha

We had a really fun dinner at Mom & Dad’s with my cousin and his wife!
I should’ve snapped more photos… darn it!

 Monday was a gorgeous morning.

with a very sleepy kiddo.

Followed by more Grammy & Papa time for Cash. I got my hair refreshed with some color & a cut

After that, Mr. Peach and I had a delicious dinner with Brad’s oldest brother at The Metropolitan Grill in downtown Seattle. So worth the drive!! And we truly enjoyed the company and the Facebook bragging to the family lol. 

After a busy first two days. We are thankful to just be relaxing today. Had breakfast at one of our favorite spots in Gig Harbor and planning a night in with a movie & a chili/cornbread dinner. YUM.

Let’s be honest here… it’s terribly dreary-foggy-cloudy in the Pacific Northwest today… so a nap sounds pretty freakin awesome to me too! Now that I’ve documented most of the fun. I plan on doing just that! As we’ve got so much more fun planned for the rest of the week 🙂 I’m especially excited to see one of my very best friends and her husband tomorrow night. Followed by Thanksgiving with the family on Thursday! Then of course a little shopping with mom Friday morning.
I promise to snap more photos… of everything {well I’ll try} 
Be sure Check out my Instagram for the most up-to-date candids!! 
Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday week with family as well! 
I feel so blessed to have this time. Be back when I can 🙂

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