It’s A

Today seems as good of a day as any…. 
I mean we are traveling back home from Washington, we had fantastic vacation with family. 
So why not have a fun announcement!!
We are very excited to tell you that we are having another LITTLE BOY!
The Jenkins Boy streak is intact. 
Brad is pumped for another mini. 
Cash will have an awesome playmate. 
And I get to remain the queen of my castle. 
All is well! 
To say I wasn’t slightly disappointed that all things won’t be pink this time around would be a lie. But we already have such a wonderful little guy I can’t even express the excitement knowing we get to discover how awesome this next one will be!!!!! I’m already thinking of the days when Daddy takes them golfing, to sporting events or just to some guy movie without me. I can picture all 3 of them playing in the backyard together, inevitable hospital visits, brotherly love & displeasure, lots of sports, dirt & trucks. Plus I’m so pumped for the mommy love that little boys always have.

We are over the moon excited. 
Now to work on Cash understanding what will be happening. 
Thankfully we have 5 more months and a whole holiday season with just him! 
Enjoy the post-holiday weekend everyone!

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