Happy New Year!

Here we are… day 1 of 2015 is coming to a close!
I am just feeling so darn lucky these days. Even with a little cold hitting our house right now I can’t complain. In past years I have felt glad to see the year ending and a new one beginning. Tthis year I am simply enjoying the time as it passes. Sure I think to myself quite often “I wish time would slow down” but it’s not going to. All I can do is Live. In each of the little moments and take whatever life gives me. We have been so very blessed in 2014 and I’m positive that 2015 will bring us even more great things. Our little family will grow by another sweet baby boy. Our business possibilities will grow. Our travel plans are already being made. Our faith and love for each other is growing daily. And so many other things, big & small are on the horizon for us. I’m positive there will be downs just as there will be ups, but I am so excited to experience whatever this year throws at us. 
I am sure that we will persevere if we continue to welcome all of the growth that is happening! 

To ring in the New Year… we celebrated in style!
Thanks to my awesome parents we had a fresh seafood feast, straight from the Pacific Northwest! 
3lbs of steamer clams and 2.5 lbs of dungeness crab…  Heaven!

A selfie and a pre-midnight kiss for my little guy.
After dinner we watched a little Suns basketball and then headed home to put munchkin to bed.
Then it was time for Brad & I to fight our eyelids from closing before the clock struck twelve.
We actually made it {thank you mindless tv and Cash almost falling out of bed for the entertainment}
Sure enough at 12:05 we were both drifting into dreamland. 
It’s a glamorous life really. 
After a week of very little sleep. the family Fighting colds. and me Pregnant
I’d say we did outstanding. Maybe next year we’ll party like rockstars. Maybe.
Cheers to all of you…. Happy 2015!!
Lets make it a great year! 

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