A little weekly recap

What the heck it’s already Sunday? Again?
I keep saying I’m going to get better at this. {by this I mean blogging}
And then another week goes by. But at least it must of been eventful!
So here I am…. And here is our last week… the highlights anyway!
  • I’m now 27 weeks preggo. Little Lucas is the size of a cauliflower. And kicks like a crazy person from sun up to sun down. {can Mama get a break?}
  •  Another full week of clean eating! High Five. But let’s be honest, I definitely cheated a little. Sometimes the pregnant girl needs a piece of chocolate. or 1/2 a bagel. or a donut. or 5. 
  • Another project is started on the house!! Daddy is getting a door on his office. This will be a game changer in the life of us. Working from home is no cakewalk when it comes to setting strict hours/keeping a toddler quiet/not bugging the person trying to work. Hopefully it only takes a couple weeks to finish, right?!
  • Cash refused naps all week until today. {finally} yay for us getting a break/mama getting a mani/him being so much happier in the evening!
  • He also has a rash that started Thursday night below his lip and has slowly progressed to his cheeks. Crossing my fingers it looks better in the morning or else we are headed to the pediatrician tomorrow.
  • Trying to decide if it’s worth the sheer energy to kick Cash back into his own bed at 1am when he wanders in. This last week = it wasn’t. In the upcoming week = I probably should get tough.
  • Started our “things needed for baby” list. Thank goodness it’s small. If only I didn’t have such ridiculously expensive taste. Anyone wanna buy me the solly baby wrap or the mamaRoo?? Let’s be honest though the mama roo isn’t as necessary as a crib mattress!!
  • My parents have decided to go ahead & road trip down to Phoenix for the SuperBowl. No tickets yet… but we haven’t given up! If you happen to have some for a decent price, text me!
  • And in really fun news we {just hubby & I} are headed to Hawaii on a little baby moon for Valentines weekend. It was pretty much a spur of the moment/lets just do it/we could really use the vacay before we have 2 kids and lose the chance of a kid-free vacation for at least 18 years. {Who are we kidding that’s what grandparents are for!} But really we are both excited to relax in paradise before life changes yet again. forever. 
I think that pretty much covers it. I mean really more happened. But you don’t really want to hear all about the filing, or fit throwing, the everyday cooking & cleaning, or the bill paying. So I won’t say any more. Besides it’s almost 9:30. I’m ready to hit the sheets and most likely not argue with the toddler who sneaks in to snuggle with me in approximately 3 hours. It’s more fun to cuddle anyway!
Hope you all had a wonderful week! 
I’m already getting excited for tomorrow… and the rest of the week.
Can’t wait to menu plan. Start a few new projects. A couple of playdates & much much more! 
Be back soon with a new recipe or two. 
Have a great night! 

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